Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anime and Manga Lists!

Both these lists are decent sized... feel like I'm missing some animes though. I might use this as a base to find the purpose of this blog (write a summary/review of animes/mangas I've read and suggest titles). Enjoy!

5 Centimeters Per Second - Movie
Ai Yori Aoshi - Complete
Angelic Layer - Complete
Ayashi no Ceres - Complete
Bakuman - Currently Watching
Beet the Vandel Buster - Stopped/Complete?
Blue Gender - Complete
Buso Renkin - Complete
Card Captor Sakura - Complete?
Castle in the Sky - Movie
Chrno Crusade - Complete
Code Geass - Complete
Cross Game - Complete
D.N. Angel - Complete
D.Gray-Man - Stopped
Death Note - Complete
Detective Conan - Stopped
Digimon - Complete
Dragon Ball/Z/GT - Complete
Eureka Seven - Stopped
Fafner in the Azure - Complete/Stopped?
Fate/Stay Night - Complete
Fruits Basket - Complete
Full Metal Panic - Complete
Full Moon wo Sagashite - Complete
Fullmetal Alchemist - Stopped
FLCL - Complete
Gad Guard - Complete
Grave of the Fireflies - Movie
Gundam Seed/Destiny - Complete
Gundam Wing - Complete
Hack//sign - Complete
Hamtaro - Complete
Hikaru no Go - Complete
Honey and Clover - Stopped
Howl's Moving Castle - Movie
Inuyasha - Complete
Kaleido Star - Complete
Kekkaishi - Stopped
Kiki's Delivery Service - Movie
Kobato - Complete
La Corda d'Oro - Complete
Lovely Complex - Complete
Lupin III - Complete
Maburaho - Complete
Monster - Complete
Mythical Detective Loki Regnarok - Stopped
Nabari no O - Stopped
Naruto - Stopped
Natsume Yujincho - Stopped
Nodame Cantabile - Complete
Oh My Goddess! - Complete
Ouran High School Host Club - Complete
Piano no Mori - Stopped
Ponyo - Movie
Prince of Tennis - Complete
Princess Mononoke - Movie
Psychic Academy - Stopped
Rainbow-Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin - Complete
Rave Master - Complete
Romeo x Juliet - Stopped
Rosario + Vampire - Stopped
Rurouni Kenshin - Complete
Sailor Moon - Complete
Samurai Champloo - Stopped
Scrapped Princess - Complete
Scryed - Complete
Shakugan no Shana - Complete
Skip Beat! - Complete
Speed Racer - Complete
Spirited Away - Movie
Tenchi Muyo - Complete
Time of Eve - Complete
Trigun - Complete
True Tears - Complete
Tsukihime - Complete
Vampire Knight - Complete
Voices of a Distant Star - Movie
Whisper of the Heart - Movie
Witch Hunter Robin - Complete
Wolf's Rain - Complete
X/1999 - Complete
Yu Yu Hakusho - Complete
Yu-Gi-Oh - Complete
Zatch Bell - Complete
Zoids - Complete


07 Ghost (Stopped)
1/2 Prince (Still reading)
Absolute Boyfriend (Complete)
+Anima (Still reading/Stopped)
Addicted to Curry (Still reading)
Ai Yori Aoshi (Complete)
Akagami no Shirayukihime (Still reading)
Akuma to Love Song (Stopped?)
Akumetsu (Complete)
Ane Doki (Complete)
Are You Alice? (Still Reading)
Area no Kishi (Still reading)
Ayashi no Ceres (Complete)
Backstage Prince (Complete)
Badminton Girl (Complete)
Bakuman (Still reading)
Barajou no Kiss (Stopped)
Beast (Complete)
Beelzebub (Still reading)
Bloody Monday (Complete)
Bloody Monday 2 (Still reading)
B.O.D.Y. (Complete)
Bokura wa Itsumo (Not updated/Stopped)
Code Breaker (Still reading)
Cross Game (Complete)
Deadman Wonderland (Still reading)
Dolls (Stopped/Still reading)
Doubt (Complete)
Faster than a Kiss (Still reading)
Full Moon wo Sagashite (Complete)
Gakuen Alice (Still reading)
Hana to Akuma (Still reading)
Hana Yori Dango (Complete)
Heart no Kuni no Alice (Still reading)
Hikaru no Go (Complete)
Holyland (Still reading)
I"s (Complete)
Ichigo 100% (Complete)
Ikigami - Death Notices (Still reading)
Inuyasha (Stopped)
Karneval (Stopped/Still reading)
Kimi no Iru Machi (Still reading)
Kurosagi (Still reading)
Kuroshitsuji - Butler (Still reading)
Liar Game (Still reading)
Lost+Brain (Still reading)
Love Hina (Complete)
Lovely Complex (Complete)
Mirai Nikki (Stopped)
Monster (Complete)
Nabari no O (Stopped)
Nodame Cantabile (Complete)
Otaku no Musume-san (Still reading)
Ouran High School Host Club (Still reading)
Parasyte (Complete)
Perfect Girl Evolution (Still reading)
Rave Master (Complete)
Record of Fallen Vampire (Complete)
Red River (Complete)
Reimei no Arcana (Still reading)
Rosario + Vampire (Stopped)
Rurouni Kenshin (Complete)
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Akai Hitomi Wa Shitteiru (Complete)
Shinobi Life (Still reading)
Skip Beat (Still reading)
Suki Desu Shuzuki-kun (Still reading)
Switch (Stopped/Still reading)
Team Medical Dragon (Still reading)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Complete)
Vampire Knight (Still reading)
Veritas (Stopped)
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (Still reading)

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  1. Holy Crap, I was looking for a good anime list right at this exact moment!!

    I really liked Beck, shame it's not on the list (it's very personal though, you might not like it...)
    Samurai Champloo really made a strong impression on me too, why did you stop?